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Dave Rogenmoser - CEO Of Proof Technologies

"He has singlehandedly giving me a lesson in finances around businesses. He's helped me see weekly, what's going on in my budgets & projections. If you are making money in your business but maybe are a bit disorganized. I reccomend hiring Adam & his team. He's allowed me to start hiring more employees & grow my profit margin. Thanks Adam."

Joel Erway - CEO OfThe Webinar Agency

"We were really confused as to what our numbers were and what our strategies were. I don't run a big team and don't know finances. When I was talking to CleverProfits (ABR Consulting) they were going to take all my data and turn it into actionable goals and growth."


Selena Soo - Founder Of S2-Groupe

Chris Bruce - Founder Of The Internet Landlord

"Before working with Adam, I did not feel in control of my businesses finances. Since working with Adam, I feel really clear and in control and like I'm making the right decisions in my business. I love working with Adam. He is so devoted and committed to his clients."

"What they've done for my business has been something I could have never imagined. It wasn't until I got with CleverProfits (ABR Consulting) that I realized what I needed to do to increase my revenue. I had just been a hustler running a business. With their help, I've been able to really FEEL like a real business owner. If you are looking for a group to be a CFO get off the fence and signup with them. This will change your entire business."

“CleverProfits has helped save our business thousands of dollars by helping get our financials in order and forcing us to look at our numbers often and in new ways. They are a pleasure to work with and have become part of our team!”  

Keith Phillips - Classic Photographers

“Adam Rundle and his team are absolutely incredible. They not only provide excellent accounting services, but their true value is in their work as your own "Virtual CFO" he helps you make financial business decisions, everything from how to maximize profit, how much to pay employees, how to structure payroll & incentives. His work is impeccable & what you get from ABR goes beyond basic accounting, it goes into the realm of higher level finance consulting. I highly recommend his services.”  

Aleric Heck - Founder of AdOutreach

“CleverProfits has helped me so much with forecasting my business this year. Adam has provided me with much better financials and forecasting, that I could never make or understand myself. I knew my coaching business was making $$, but I didn't know how much to put where or how to forecast decisions. I used to just look at a P&L report and say, okay, I'm making money, I think this is good?...  

I wish I reached out to Adam a long time ago.  

If you want a fantastic CFO on your team, reach out to Adam's team.”  

Ashley K - Private Label Mastery

CEO of Celadora

“Adam and his team are fantastic. They have been extremely helpful in getting our business expenses in order and I have never felt more at ease knowing that our financials are under control. We know at any moment how we are doing financially and it is a huge relief to know we have experts on our side helping us properly run a business. Working with CleverProfits has been the best business decision we've made..”  

Eric Thayne - Founder of Celadora

Charl Coetzee - Serial Entrepreneur

Ethan Bence - Founder Of 4080 Marketing

"Adam gets my highest reccomendation, I would highly reccomend him & his team. There's incredible relief & clarity that comes from running a financially secure business. If you get the opportunity I HIGHLY reccomend working with him."

"In the past, I've never been in love with Accountants / Financial Professionals. So I finally talked to Adam & jumped into his services & it's been nothing less than tremendous. The level of real money saved & hard dollars i've saved, thousands and thousands. One of the big things was knowing WHERE I can invest more money into the business to help move it forward. I feel EXTREMELY confident for 2020 "

Sam Clitheroe - Copygasm

Chris Walker - Founder Of RefineLabs

"I'm good at selling & marketing. When it comes to managing money, i've always put it off. It started to leech away at my brain and I couldn't get rid of it. I hit a point where my income kept growing and it really started to stress me out. I knew I needed to get this sorted. I was so behind on taxes because I was so busy trying to get clients & build. Bryan walked me through taking care of all my back taxes and got it done so easily."

"So I started the company and thought I was gonna be a freelance / outsource CMO. Then I realized I was going to need to build out a business & I knew it'd be really important to have structure around my finances. They got my books done in 24 hours."

Luis Trevino - Everable

Corey Gladwell - Serial Entreprenuer

"When I first approached Adam, I was starting to make really good money. I knew as a business owner I was going to need a financial system to scale past 7 figures. The greatest thing they've done is help me create a budget and all the things I needed to do to not just hit 7 figures but be as profitable as possible. Then not have to worry about taxes!"

"If you're considering working with Adam you really need to. I've had four seperate companies & I did really well. But to have it systemized with the #'s and everything laid out. I could see all the gaps & where things are draining. Then I could see what I could do to increase my income. I'm learning to not look at my business not like a piggy bank but an actual product. This has saved me thousands and made me thousands."

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