Fortifying the Bluechip Retail Group: insight into optimization and growth strategies


The Bluechip Retail Group


Advisory / Valuations

Their Story

BlueChip Retail, a Charlotte-based e-Commerce Group consists of JoySpring and Fur Goodness Sake. JoySpring offers a range of tasty children’s supplements and health rememdies.

On a mission to be the world’s best vegan, allergen-free, sugar-free, and gluten-free vitamins, the company has successfully shipped over 1 million vitamins worldwide. Sister brand Fur Goodness Sake takes pride in their delivery of high quality, research-informed pet products. 

Their Goal

Like most business owners, Founder and CEO Jason Pratt was intrigued to get a deeper understanding of where his companies’ core strengths and weaknesses lie. Jason approached the CleverProfits Advisory Team to perform their signature EVO offering on the Bluechip Retail Group, consisting of the following services:

  • An indicative valuation of the group;
  • An investor memorandum that highlights the historical financial performance of the group;
  • An optimizer and “snag” report that highlights both the strengths and weaknesses within the group.
  • Strategies to improve any weaknesses identified.

The Outcome

The partnership reaped several benefits for Bluechip Retail Group, including:

  • Insights into team efficiency and inventory management;
  • Guidance on labor cost allocation;

The Results

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