How To Grow Your Online Business to 7-Figures by Navigating Growth Cycles

For Agencies, Coaches, Course Creators, and Service Providers

Step 1: The Perfect P&L

Myth #1: I need to lose money to grow my company.

You need CAPITAL to grow your company.

I break down exact framework I use to help our clients operate at maximum efficiency as they scale to 7-figures.

Using this method, I've helped 23 of our clients BREAK THROUGH the "7-Figure Wall."

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Step 2: Optimize Your Finances

Myth #2: I need to spend more on ads to scale.

There are only TWO KEY DRIVERS to growth in your online business: advertising and labor.

I've identified the secret balance between the two after helping take many online businesses to 7-figures.

I breakdown the golden ratio that works best SPECIFICALLY for your business model.

Step 3: Your Master Growth Plan

Myth #3: I need my profit margin to be as high as possible.

In this video, I break down why your profit margin is a lever you increase or decrease dependent on growth cycles.

Follow my video with your Perfect P&L sheet in hand as I help you take your business to EXACTLY where you want it to be by navigating these growth cycles.


How The Profit Accelerator Works

You can't navigate your growth cycles without a yardstick to measure your success. My team helps you apply this exact method in our PROFIT ACCELERATOR program which is the complete solution designed to IDENTIFY, DIAGNOSE, and SOLVE your scaling problems. We will:


Accounting System

We completely set up your accounting system ("the yardstick") in Quickbooks.


Catch-Up Financials

We prepare your historical financials so we can talk strategy based on your actual business performance.


Business Strategy

Jump on a one-on-one strategy call with your new fractional CFO who will identify the key areas of improvement in your business and create a growth plan for you to scale to 7-figures and beyond.


Tax Strategy

We'll optimize your tax savings on a one-on-one tax strategy call with your new CPA so you can save thousands of dollars in taxes every year.



Your business is ever-evolving. We'll continue to be your strategic advisor so you keep growing your business.

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