With trusted people in your corner, you can keep your mind where it needs to be.

We don’t believe business challenges and decisions should be faced alone. We walk alongside you on your journey applying expertise and empathy every step of the way.


Christiaan Esterhuizen

Partner and Head of

Mike Muller

Director, South Africa

Jacob Goodson

Chief Operations Officer

Christiaan Esterhuizen

Partner and Head of

Camila Chiang

Global Relations Manager

Holly Liu

Tax Manager

Suellen De Oliveira

Tax Manager

Hayden Cox

Account Manager

Adam Heffelfinger

Account Manager

Nicholas Van Der Merwe

Financial Analyst

Ngqiqo Zithutha

Tax Analyst

Kayleigh Kraupner

SA Tax Manager

Estephany Escarcena

Operations & Tech Specialist

Juan Javier Siu

Head of Peru

Bonga Mhlaba

Financial Analyst

Jodie Alport

Marketing Co-Ordinator

Kwezi Puza

Account Manager

Graham Clarke

Account Manager

Godfrey Ramaboea

Financial Analyst

Tadiwa Gomba

Tax Analyst

Daryl Eisner

Account Manager

Valerie Ochoa

Payroll Analyst

Jeani De Jongh

Financial Manager

Jesse Gaviola

Payroll & HR Manager

Jimena Paredes Pinillos

Client Success Associate

Lara Grobbelaar

Financial Analyst

Luciana Salazar

Client Success Associate

Merick Swartz

Account Manager

Taylor McNerney

Human Resources & Payroll Specialist

Sebastian Otayza

Account Associate

Ximena Alvarado

Client Success Associate

Tiyiselani Khoza

Tax Analyst
“Seeing the tangible difference we make on founders is why we’re in business. There is nothing greater than to see founders succeed and their teams and businesses thrive”

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