About us.

Our mission.

Our singular goal is to help online entrepreneurs build highly profitable companies by applying our financial strategies.

Although we do bookkeeping and prepare taxes as part of our fractional CFO service, this is NOT our #1 focus. We firmly believe that complete mastery of your finances will help you grow your business.

We solve your burning problems like:

  • What should I charge for my offer?
  • How do I build a dream team?
  • What can I invest in advertising?
  • How can I maximize tax savings?
  • How much can I take out of my business to invest?

By applying timeless principles of business strategy used by other companies just like yours.


Adam Rundle

Founder and CEO

Adam is a management accountant and former law firm CFO originally from South Africa. He moved to the US over 5 years ago and started helping online entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses with his strategic finance background. When he's not working with our clients, he coaches rugby in Annapolis at the US Naval Academy which was a dream of his as a child. He now gets to live his dream as a father, entrepreneur, and rugby coach!

Bryan Nguyen

Founder and Head of Tax, CPA

Bryan is a former C-level tax advisor having spent 8 years at a large CPA firm. He ditched his corporate career to travel the world and settled down to help online entrepreneurs with his tax expertise. He met Adam online through their shared desire to help business owners which sparked the creation of CleverProfits. When he's not saving our clients from the tax man, you can find him sport climbing, snowboarding, and traveling to foreign countries to sample the local eats.

Meet our team.

Adam Rundle 


I help online service businesses profitably grow and scale to 7-9 figures.

Bryan Nguyen, CPA


I help online entrepreneurs save taxes from my decade of experience as a corporate tax advisor.

Christa Anderson


I help translate our clients' books into priceless data.

Avery Lynch

Client Success

I help our clients get the best possible results working with us.

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We're not a traditional brick and mortar accounting firm. We're a boutique consulting firm working exclusively with online entrepreneurs to build highly profitable and sustainable businesses while minimizing their taxes.

Our Profit Accelerator program will help us identify what you and your business truly need so we can ensure you get to where you want to go. From there, we'll build you a plan that addresses your tax and finance needs and allows you headroom to grow.

Then, we do all the heavy lifting while you sit back and relax.